Regrets will get you no where

I was chatting to my Mother today about people having regrets in life. I said that I don't have any regrets about what I chose to do in my life as I have lived my dream. I was not scared to follow my heart and do what I wanted to do, even though most people did not support or approve of the choices I made in life. It was not always an easy path to take, but I could not pretend to be happy doing what others expected of me.

I did say that the one thing I 'regretted' about my life was wasting so many precious years making myself miserable with this obsession about being thin. It consumed my life for many years. I know I needed to go through it to be where I am today.

I really understand that being thin does not make me happy. Just like being rich does not make me happy.  My own experience of having overcome eating disorders and an obsession with being thin helps me to understand and empathize with others who are traveling the same road.  My experience enables me to better help others work through their problems.

There is no point in having regrets about paths you have chosen in life. No money in the world will ever bring back the past. The past is the past and the only thing you can do is learn from it and move forward. Your past makes you who are now and has given you your strengths and your weaknesses. Let go of the past and free yourself from the self imposed limitations of your own perceptions about life, and what you should and should not do.

Do not waste your life chasing after the magic number on the scale. It is not a source of happiness, but in fact a great source of misery. It is important to take care of this body and keep it healthy. We are no use to anyone if we are sick and miserable. Keep in mind that there is more to life than what we look life.

The mind matters most. The only place we will find happiness is inside. Nothing outside will ever make you happy. It is an illusion to believe that anything outside can. Don't waste this precious life having regrets about what has already passed, about things and you will never be able to change. Embrace all that life has to offer. Live and learn, loving every moment!

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