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After hitting a low point, feeling depressed and sorry for myself and having very little energy or enthusiasm to get up and do the things I love, I knew it was time to give myself a kick up the ass and leave the pity party! I was beginning to feel like food was controlling my life and this is not the space I desired to be in.

So many hours of my precious day were taken up thinking about what I should eat and what I should not eat so I would not feel like a beach whale stuck in the hammock! My days were getting lost in this low energy slump. I was losing vital energy to my dodgy digestive system and my life was suffering! I was not a ‘happy – chappy’ and it was time for change!

Inspired by one of my best friend’s desires to get out there and do the work to cleanse her body, I decided it was time for me to step up and do the same!

Strawberries in a bowl!After listening to some of Dr Robert Morse’s talks (free on you tube) at her suggestion, I got even more inspired. I listened to the talks on Detox and the Lymphatic System. I understood that I needed to cleanse out my sluggish lymphatic system and things would begin to make sense again. Dr Morse believes that the best foods for cleansing the lymph are acid and sub acid fruits.

Especially berries, melons, grapes and citrus fruit. Vegetables cleanse the blood but not the lymph system.

I had to look at what was realistic for me to begin with. I still wanted to have energy to function, be active in day-to-day –life and have energy to go running in the mountains with my lover monkey, who likens himself to a Mountain Goat. Fasting or serious calorie restriction was therefore, not an option. I also needed to give my mind time to adjust and embrace the changes. It takes the body a few days to adjust to change; however the mind takes A LOT longer to come round!

I did not want to go from one extreme to the next and fall on my face! I wanted to be patient with the results and be honest with myself about what was realistic for me to do right now. I knew it was time to make changes in my diet and lifestyle to allow my body to cleanse and heal, increasing my energy levels and improving my digestion.

Beautiful house in Costa RicaAs I live with my partner in a small house and he would be eating, the temptation of food would be high, so I knew if I wanted to stick to my plan I needed to be realistic.

I knew I needed to give my digestion a break and free up my time and energy to do other things I love. Most of our energy gets lost to digestion so giving our digestive system a break can really help boost energy levels.

Detox Plan:

The guidelines I set for myself where simple!

Orange Juice Squeezer
  • Liquids: Kefir or herbal tea as and when I felt like it
  • Juices –Mainly Orange Juice (in season now) or Green/Veggie juices if I needed a savoury kick
  • Mono- meals of fruit (only 1 type of fruit at a time to make a satisfying meal)
  • Sticking to acid and sub-acid fruits to allow deeper cleansing. Eating mainly what is available now – Papayas, grapefruit and pineapple with occasional meal of rolinia or bananas if I have been running.
  • I would have at least 2hours in between any meal or 1 food type. This helps to improve digestion and avoid the past issue of one meal getting piled on top of the other and ending up with a bloated mess in my tummy!
  • No overt-fats i.e. avocado, coconut meat, nuts or seeds. I wanted to keep things light for maximum cleansing.

The Pain was strong, so the Motivation was HIGH!

The results I have experienced, far out -weighed my expectations.

To find out more about my detox journey and the changes I experienced, read more in my blog post.

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