The Kingdom of Heaven Within

As Christmas 2000 was fast approaching I was about to begin what would become one of the most dramatic cleanses I’d ever experienced to date. As I was walking towards the washroom at the Phraharuthai evening Christmas party, held for students and parents alike, I did a little hop down a step and noticed an unpleasant sensation in the lower left area of my back. I hadn’t experienced anything like this since the more serious days of my back problems. I hopped on the same foot a couple of more times, just to test it. Sure enough there was something amiss. Because only recently the overnight temperatures had dropped quite sharply I assumed it had something to do with this, that is, the whole ‘changing of the seasons’ thing that Dr. Sullivan had told me about back in the ‘begging for Unemployment Benefits’ days. The Holy Love of God Exists Within Concerning my back, nothing much happened over the next few days. But a bit after Christmas, on my way to third period, I took a pee. Nothing out of the ordinary. After the usual introductory ritual at the beginning of class I sat down in my chair to flip through the day’s lesson. Oh Heavenly Goodness Glory That Be. The most incredible sensation of Love came over me. I was enveloped in Beauty. Everything felt so right. The class was a roar of incredible enthusiasm. Mine was a face of delight. Rather than attempt to conduct the class on my own, I quickly asked the yet to be nicknamed, StarLight Wonder Girl, who was a student I felt to have an incredibly special energy about her, to come to the front of the class and ask the other students some of the questions from the text. She jumped at the opportunity. The vibration in the room was that of Super Light. As the StarLight Wonder Girl held the fort with a smile a mile wide, I sat in my chair in a state of euphoria practically rocking back and forth with my arms wrapped around my upper body. As the students were on a high themselves and paying closer attention to the temporary substitute teacher than to me, my movements, I assumed went unnoticed. The words ‘Oh, I Love myself’, ran through my head. This was it. This was the Garden of Eden like I’d never experienced it before. There I was dressed up in a tie, holding down a job in of all places, a school – a situation that I would normally have avoided like a plague. Yet at this moment living just felt so good. It didn’t matter where I was. This was the Kingdom of Heaven.

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By Jimmy
September 30, 2010
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